Past is Prologue

Posted By on Jan 15, 2012

Today is officially six months since I left my job at Global Designs. The time has been marred with ups and downs, from all over the spectrum. Mostly, my time there was a learning experience. Not only did I get real-world experience, but I grew into the man I am now and really became an adult during my time there. Not many people would freely admit this, but I quit my job. Up and left. Came in one day and told them I wasn’t coming back. But, I personally don’t find this to be a problem, because it was either them or me. Let’s start at the beginning… Five years ago this May, I graduated from college. That’s not nearly as big a deal for me as it was for people of my parents’ generation, but it was still the biggest accomplishment of my life up to that point. My eyes were wide with hope and excitement. I got to step out (somewhat sure-footed) into the world and make my way. I found a nice job in my field before I left college so, I got to put time in while going to school. And when I graduated, the sky was the limit. Eventually, I rose to the position of Project Manager. Pretty-much second in line at this company, I thought I had it made. I could work directly with my boss (the owner) to make the company run smoother and more efficient and, with my newly found spare time, I could brainstorm the ideas that would take the company to the next level. Then, the event that ruined the collective hopes and dreams of America–the Great Recession–hit. Like many people in my line of work, I counted myself lucky to still have a job, and was willing to sacrifice a lot to keep it. So, when the first of our 3 designers was fired, I kept it cool. I thought, “this will blow over soon and I’ll only have to do the extra work of this missing person for a little while.” That little while expanded into six months, and when the only other designer (besides me) quit, I became worried. I later learned the stress drove them to the breaking point. It wasn’t until two weeks after, when it was apparent that the company wasn’t hiring a new designer, that I knew for sure that I was in trouble. So many people lost their jobs, that news of their losses outweighed the other story: the story of the people left behind. “The New Normal,” as I called it. So many people had been fired or laid off...

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