Stephen Walcher

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My name is Stephen Walcher

I'm a Technical Architect and Enterprise-Class Consultant residing in Kansas City.

Building on a strong inventory of skills backed by a commitment to continual improvement, I work to help clients by discerning their needs and placing them in the context of technical solutions that scale to the demands of their industry. I have a broad field of expertise in languages from Python to Javascript to PHP and I specialize in developing n-tier, service-oriented enterprise applications.

Through this commitment and drive, I have led a number of development teams both large and small in size. I love to work with teams that not only innovate, but iterate, continually improving on the work we produce.

No matter where my career has taken me, I'm a developer at heart who loves to solve problems. I am an excellent bridge between the client and the development team, able to speak in real English with clients to determine what they need, and to communicate with developers in their language to get the job done. I've always been able to communicate complicated concepts in an understandable manner, matching the message to the audience.

Some of My Previous Works

Take a look at some of the most recent work that I have created.